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Hope for the Hurting

There’s a saying that goes...“The things we may take for granted someone else is praying for."

A hot meal on a cold day, food in our cabinets, a haircut, warm shower, buying our kids a pair of shoes or simply the smile on their face when they get a new backpack for the first day of school.

But for many families, NONE of these things are taken for granted. Instead, it’s a stressful

daily struggle wondering how they will make ends meet.

People find themselves in difficult circumstances for many different reasons the loss of a job, divorce, medical issues, the high cost of living, or even a sudden tragedy.

The reality is that with limited or non-existent circle of family or friends to depend upon for help, any one of us could be in the same situation.

That’s where the Old Town Mission STEPS IN , being true to our motto,

“Neighbors Helping Neighbors”, meeting all those basic needs.

Not that long ago during our Mid-week market, we met Jacob and his six children,

who were on the brink of becoming homeless. Not only were they able to fill their cart with all their favorite foods but everyone got homemade dinners to go, giving dad a night off from cooking!

The children LOVE our newest outreach, The Kid’s Shop. This special place is stocked with all the necessities and MORE! A unique, fun, and personal shopping experience that comes complete

with a kid-sized shopping cart, a forest with fairy lights, and even the sounds of birds singing.

Jacob’s son, Carter, was literally jumping with joy as he showed off his new pair of dinosaur pajamas. It was beyond precious! Jacob and all his children even got free haircuts in our new salon. Simple things, yet a haircut and some new clothes can make us feel better about ourselves. It's a blessing to help make these memorable moments possible.

Last year, thanks to our faithful supporters, we served over 23,000 meals and 25,000 carts of food were shared with our neighbors in need.

Helping families and individuals is our daily work, offering HOPE to the hurting and struggling… an answer to that earnest prayer for those most basic needs.

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