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Mission to RESCUE Food

For many of us, it's easy to forget that food insecurity is a very real issue for many in our community. Fortunately, there are many organizations like the Old Town Mission, located in the heart of Old Town Cottonwood, Arizona that are working hard to address this important issue. Just one of the ways the Old Town Mission is works to stop food insecurity is through their Grocery Rescue Program.

Thanks to the hard work of staff and volunteers, the Grocery Rescue Program is able to collect perfectly good food from a variety of local retailers, including Starbucks, Whole Foods, Bimbo Bread, Fry's, Walmart, Safeway, Family Dollar, CVS, and more. The food is then carefully sorted and given away through the Old Town Mission's food pantry or used in the organization's commercial kitchen.

This program is making a real impact in the community, ensuring that high-quality

food is rescued and given to those who need it most. It's a prime example of what can happen when organizations and local retailers work together for the greater good.

In addition to working with local retailers, the Old Town Mission, partners with local farmers, ensuring that food, not suitable for human consumption is not wasted. This approach helps to reduce food waste.

The Old Town Mission would like to extend a special thank you to Feeding America and St. Mary's Food Bank for their diligent work in forging partnerships with corporations to ensure that no one goes hungry. Thanks to their efforts, the grocery rescue program at the Old Town Mission is making a real difference in the community.

If you're looking for a way to get involved in addressing food insecurity in your community, consider reaching out to organizations like the Old Town Mission. Through programs like grocery rescue, we can make a real difference in people's lives.

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