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Nourishing Neighbors

Stacey is a single mom of two adorable girls, she shares a home with friends in Sedona, Arizona. Like many families in our community, she has been struggling to make ends meet. With limited resources and a tight budget, providing nutritious meals for her 2 girls had been a challenge. Through her daughter’s head start class Stacey learned about the Old Town Mission’s Food Pantry.

The Mission Food Pantry is stocked with nutritious items thanks to the support of our generous community and in partnership with the Safeway and Albertsons Foundation and the Nourishing Neighbors Program.

The Mission Food Pantry provides access to nourishing food to families who might otherwise struggle to put food on their tables. Grocery stores, restaurants, and individuals donate food to the pantry on a regular basis. With the help of volunteers, the food is sorted, organized, and distributed to families in need.

The Safeway and Albertsons Foundation through the Nourishing Neighbors Program have been vital partners and are committed to fighting hunger while improving access to nutritious food in communities across the country.

Most recently the Safeway and Albertsons Foundation awarded the Old Town Mission with a grant for $8,000 for the Mission Program… Breakfast Matters, these funds will be used to purchase breakfast such as milk, eggs, cheese, cereal and given to families in need like Stacey’s during the summer months.

For Stacey, the Mission Food Pantry has been a game-changer. The fear and worry she felt wondering how she was going to put food on the table for her girls has been eliminated. She is able to visit the pantry weekly stocking up on fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, and other staples.

Stacey is just one of the many families who have been impacted by the Old Town Mission's Food Pantry. In 2022, this program has provided 25,602 food boxes to Neighbors in Need.

Consider partnering with the Old Town Mission and the Nourishing Neighbors Program, there are many ways you can help…donate food, volunteer, make a financial contribution directly the Old Town Mission or donate any register when you shop at Safeway or Albertsons.

Stacey's story is an inspiring example of how the Old Town Mission, the Safeway and Albertsons Foundation, and the Nourishing Neighbors Program are working together to make a difference in the lives of families struggling with food insecurity.

To learn more and get involved,

visit us online at and

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