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The Old Town Mission is always looking for new ways to partner with our communities. Throughout the year, we collaborate with businesses, organizations, and other nonprofits. They make our work possible through their monetary, in-kind, and volunteer support. 

We are so grateful to our corporate partners, and we extend a warm welcome to all who want to make a difference in our community.


"Christ Lutheran Church of Sedona has set an excellent example of the impact that a compassionate and giving spirit can have on the world. They have shown that even small acts of kindness can make a real difference for people who are hurting and struggling. The Old Town Mission is grateful for their support."

Kellie Wilson, Director


Mr. Rooter has been supporting Operation: Back to School for more than a decade. They are community partners in hope who make helping others a priority. We admire and appreciate their unwavering friendship.

There is room for your team at the Mission,

please contact us at 928-634-7869 or email

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Website pieces (39).png
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